Did you know that next year your physician/provider will be graded on whether or not you have taken advantage of your wellness exams and free screenings?  This grade will be publicly reported and will affect your physician/providers reimbursement rate with your insurance company.  In an effort to educate our patients on the importance of these exams and their requirements, we are having summer wellness education contests.

Contest 1 – Every Monday we will publish a question on Facebook about preventative screenings and the recommended age requirements/frequency.  All you must do is choose your answer.  We will draw from the correct responses on each Friday!

Contest 2 – Patient’s who come in and take advantage of their wellness exams and/or preventative screenings will be placed into a weekly drawing valued at $125.  Examples would be;

Did you know that Sevier county is ranked 57th for health factors?  Health factors include how long and how well we live, our health behaviors (smoking, diet and exercise) and the access to and quality of care we receive among other things.   We challenge you to help us have a Healthier Sevier County.   So, come on Sevier County. . . . . . .let’s show Arkansas we care about Prevention!

Contests End 08/31/2017!