New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. . . . . .New Year’s Resolutions! The most popular resolutions are to quit smoking, exercise more, lose weight or to do more charity work. Sadly though we are often doomed to fail because the goals we set are too overwhelming, much like building a new home without a blueprint. Yet thousands of new homes are built every day because this daunting task is broken down into smaller achievable steps. This year let’s not focus on resolutions and instead make a step-by-step plan. . . .a blueprint for success!

Let’s start small. Maybe giving up sweetened drinks, walking a short distance or engaging in aerobic exercise on specific days of the week. Anything to start, but pick something that you are sure you can do. Make that small task your daily/weekly goal and don’t worry about the big picture. Don’t be in a hurry to escalate your program. Let’s take it slow, focus on perfecting your plan and let the natural motivation that follows even small successes take over and drive you to ever greater accomplishments. When you are ready, move to the next step in your plan this way you will be changing your life forever, not just making a resolution!

We are here to help you accomplish your goals with dietary support, medication management or counseling. Remember you have online access to your health record, education and your medical support team through the patient portal. Welcome to your new life!